Pull it together at The Bindery for a fast and fantastic finish

The Bindery is a one-stop solution that caters for all of your post press needs. We offer a full range of services that not only complement your print job; we provide award winning finishing to be admired.

We’re proud of the work we do and our evolving range of finishing services simply makes the life of a print house easier, and this makes the job of getting the customer’s material to the market faster.

At The Bindery, we’re more than just a bindery. We can also take care of your laminating, creasing, trimming, drilling and guillotining needs… plus a whole lot more.

By using a single supplier for finishing, you reduce the need to transport jobs from one vendor to another. It saves time, reduces costs, and makes invoicing a breeze.

A post press solution that’s efficient, consistent and reliable? It just makes sense.

We judge a book by its cover And you should too

Smart printers know a job is only as good as its finishing. It’s the first thing a customer judges when they see the final product, and it can make or break a job.

When you think of quality finishing, you think of strength, togetherness, trust, pride and durability.

Exactly what you get at The Bindery.

Can you afford to get in a bind?

If it’s too cheap, it’s too cheap.

At The Bindery we simply offer fair and competitive pricing for the highest quality finishing. Every time.

We practice a pricing policy that is sustainable for the operation and growth of our clients’ business, and our business. Which means you can be confident in a long and prosperous partnership with us.

We don’t get caught up in price wars. We get on with the job.



This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, motivation and innovation, the process approach and the focus on continual improvement.


This standard is used as the benchmark to assess Occupational Health & Safety Management systems for organizations. Whilst AS/NZS 4801 is applicable to any organisation operating in Australia and New Zealand.

The standard helps to enable an organisation to control and improve its performance in health and safety. The standard also provides a systematic approach to identifying hazards, and then either eliminating or reducing the identified risks.


This standard lists the criteria for an environmental management system. It establishes a framework that an organisation can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.

Using ISO 14001:2015 can provide assurance that environmental impact is being continuously measured and improved.

What you pay for at The Bindery

Trust that we’ve got your needs covered.

Trust that we do a high quality job. Every time.

Trust that we care about our work.

Trust that we’re here to grow your business.

Trust that we’re recognised industry-wide for our work.

Trust that we’re experts in finishing.