Our Burst Binding won’t burst the budget

People often ask Perfect or PUR, but don’t undervalue the middle sibling on the adhesive binding family! It uses the same EVA glue as Perfect Binding, but as it uses sections it is a stronger alternative — without the extra cure time associated with PUR Binding.

Similar to the Section Sewing process, Burst Binding uses folded sections. Notches or perforations are added to each section’s spine to allow glue to penetrate without the spine being cut to single leaves and then a cover is glued on (as with Perfect and PUR Binding).


  • As Burst Binding uses sections, it is recommended for 4, 8, 12 or 16 page signatures
  • Burst Binding 24pp or 32pp should be limited to 100gsm on uncoated stocks or 115gsm on coated stocks

minimum and maximum sizes

Limp Binding
Description Dimensions
Minimum size untrimmed: 140 x 100mm
Minimum size trimmed: 130 x 95mm
Maximum size untrimmed: 445 x 320mm*
Maximum size trimmed: 434 x 310mm*
Minimum spine width: 3mm text (not including cover)
Maximum spine width: 80mm (including cover)

Maximum fore-edge size will vary depending on the height – please consult our estimators EG. A3 size products cannot be bound. As foredge size increases the maximum height decreases.

what we do (& don’t) Require

  • The spine measurement is required
  • No lap(s) are required
  • No sections to wrap or insert
  • Odd sections should be collated as the second to last section (there is an exception with colour impositions)
  • For both hard cased or drawn-on cover books we require an ink and coating free area of 2mm either side of the spine on inner and outer pages to ensure books don’t fall apart


Try PUR Binding instead


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