Fold and fold again

At The Bindery we perform all types of cutting, drilling, handwork, and of course folding. Our experts will put the finishing touch on your important documents to ensure they really stand out. Whether it’s a brochure, catalogue or direct mail collateral, our state-of-the-art folding equipment will easily get the job done.

One of our most popular service is Double Gate Folding. We can easily fold your work into an 8-page document, which can then be bound into a book, polywrapped as a self-mailer, or with an onset flysheet and sent out for delivery.

minimum and maximum sizes

Double Gate Fold
Description Dimensions
Open trimmed sheet size: 840 x 297mm
Folded size: 210 x 100mm (DL)


  • Creasing and pharmaceutical folding
  • Ring binding and hand inserting
  • Guillotining and 3-knife trimming
  • Multi-hole drilling
  • Collating and shrink-wrapping

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