The perfect low use adhesive bind

When it comes to affordable adhesive binding for large quantities, Perfect (EVA) Binding is the perfect solution. It is ideal for low use ‘throw aways’ which contain over 40 pages, such as magazines, sporting event guides and university open day brochures. The process involves three millimeters being milled off the spine and a cover glued on.


  • For books under 80 pages, consider the grammage of the paper or the option to saddle staple
  • Coated art papers are not recommended for this binding style. Note: glue does not adhere well to printed or laminated surfaces
  • We recommend that if an all over varnish is required on a book, you consider PUR Binding instead
  • Short on time? Perfect Binding provides an almost instant cure

minimum and maximum sizes

Limp Binding
Description Dimensions
Minimum size untrimmed: 140 x 100mm
Minimum size trimmed: 130 x 95mm
Maximum size untrimmed: 445 x 320mm*
Maximum size trimmed: 434 x 310mm*
Minimum spine width: 2.6mm text (not including cover)
Maximum spine width: 80mm (including cover)

*Maximum fore-edge size will vary depending on the height – please consult our estimators EG. A3 size products cannot be bound. As foredge size increases the maximum height decreases.

what we do (& don’t) require

  • The spine measurement is required
  • No lap(s) are required
  • No sections to wrap or insert
  • Odd sections should be collated as the second to last section (there is an exception with colour impositions)
  • For both hard cased or drawn-on cover books, we require an ink and coating free area of 2mm either side of the spine on inner and outer pages to ensure books don’t fall apart


  • All covers should be ink and coating free of the spine area plus an additional 7mm for the hinge side glue area. As The Bindery will be unaware and unqualified to distinguish if a particular job has the above-mentioned coverage, we will not be responsible if the product falls apart. Please ensure that all appropriate personnel are informed of this information to prevent any incorrect binding.
  • Covers must be a minimum of 3mm longer than the folded section at both head and foot (not the final trim size) to create a glue trap.
  • The grain direction of the cover and text need to run head to foot. Do not mix the text stock with a mixture of right grain and wrong grain direction stocks.
  • It is essential to avoid any application of ink or varnish or laminate within 5mm of the spine on the inside of covers, front and back. Note: glue does not adhere to printed or laminated surfaces.
  • On jobs with line-ups, stock should be pre-trimmed before printing to ensure folding accuracy. For quality results, avoid line-ups between two sections. The lay mark should be clearly marked on all sections supplied.
  • Do not crease the covers. Creasing of the covers is carried out on the binding line during the binding process.

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