Fast and affordable Saddle Stitching

For a fast solution to thin to medium sized books, saddle stitching is the go. It folds flat and doesn’t break the bank. Just make sure you allow for some creep in your design.

The size or thickness of the final publication usually determines whether the signatures are saddle stitched or adhesive bound. Saddle stitching is usually the preferred method for products of less than 60 pages.

Our saddle stitching machine consists of a seven station gathering line plus a dedicated cover feeder, a two or four wire stitching area and a trimming section that can trim three outside edges. It is also capable of either centre splitting or centre double cutting on 2-up work.


  • Make sure your book is in a multiple of four pages
  • The sections should have a 8mm lip on the back half for efficient feeding on the automatic feeders
  • Odd section should be first section to wrap around remaining book
  • Mailing cards - Minimum pick up edge must be 70mm
  • Grain direction of board covers must run head to tail to avoid cracking
  • Covers should be laminated or varnish-sealed to avoid scuffing

minimum and maximum sizes

Description Dimensions
Maximum size of section untrimmed: 480 x 320mm
Maximum size of section trimmed: 474 x 310mm
Minimum size of section untrimmed: 128 x 92mm
Minimum size of section trimmed: 120 x 89mm
Maximum format of up to 2 book block untrimmed: 470 x 310mm
Maximum format of up to 2 book block trimmed: 230 x 310mm
Minimum format of up to 2 book block untrimmed: 210 x 92mm
Minimum format of up to 2 book block trimmed: 100 x 89mm
Maximum thickness of stitching: 6mm 1-up
Maximum number of sections: seven in single pass
Number of automatic feeders: seven plus cover feeder

2-up work should be supplied with 5mm or 10mm double cut between.

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