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For a long lasting book with a quality finish, you can’t beat Section Sewn Binding. As with Burst Binding, pages are printed and folded into sections. They are then sewn together before a soft cover is glued/drawn on (also known as Limp Binding). The book block could also be glued with a spine liner in lieu of a cover, then glued into a hard case (Also known as Case Binding).


  • 16 page or 32 page sections are required for sewing (If printing as four or eight page sections, then the job should be planned so as to insert one into another to make 16 page sections)
  • Any odd 4pp or 8pp sections must be imposed to insert or wrap around a 16 or 32 page section
  • All sections must have a minimum of a 7mm and a maximum of 12mm lap edge
  • The lap edge can be either on the back half or front half of the section but must be on a common edge throughout all sections of the book
  • All inserts and wraps must be the same size as sections and have the same lap edge as the sections
  • All folded sections must be the same size from head to tail and a spine measurement is required
  • For both hard cased or drawn-on cover books, we require an ink and coating free area of 2mm either side of the spine on inner and outer pages to ensure books don’t fall apart

minimum and
maximum sizes

Section sizes for Automatic Section Sewing

Description Dimensions
Minimum: 150mm high x 80mm wide
Maximum: 400mm high x 310mm wide

Drawn on soft cover (limp binding) sizes

Description Dimensions
Minimum size trimmed: 130 x 95mm
Maximum size trimmed: 390 x 300mm*
Minimum spine width: 3mm text (not including cover)
Maximum spine width: 80mm (including cover)

*Maximum fore-edge size will vary depending on the height – please consult our estimators EG. A3 size products cannot be bound. As foredge size increases the maximum height decrease.

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